Introducing Peter – IT Support in The Gers, South West France

My love of computers dates way back. In my mid twenties, I seized the opportunity to pursue my passion for technology and set up my own computer business. This introduced me to IT contractors and led me to join Chase Manhattan Bank as part of the Y2K team. In turn, this led to IT roles with Jersey-based finance companies, Dell computers, Thomas Cook – all fast paced environments as the technology was evolving so quickly at this time. Much of my experience was as a help desk specialist, which gives me a great of understanding, not just of the complexities of the technology, but also in guiding people through fixes when problems arise. 

I have been very fortunate in my career, as I have worked in the US, Isle of Man and across Europe. I have also worked with many home users and small businesses helping them find what is the right system to meet their needs, not what the shop wants to sell them. I pride myself in being fair and sourcing the most cost-effective solutions for individuals and companies. 

Why France? Well, my love of France started as a youngster growing up in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Regular trips across the water to St. Malo planted the seed that one day France might become home. My wife and I have had many great adventures riding all over Europe on our motorcycles, but it was the friendly French people, the great food and wine and the gentle pace of life that finally persuaded us to leave the constant traffic of England behind.

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Tel: 00 33 (0) 6 02 28 22 55

SIRET: 852 975 051 00016

Microsoft Certification ID: 2776348

Dell Certified Systems Engineer

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