IT Help & Support in the Gers is only a phone call or email away

If you are having PC or Mac problems, speedy jargon-free help is just an email or phone call away


The problem might be something really simple and quickly resolved without charge. But for more complicated computer fixes, Peter charges €20 for first 30 minutes and then €10 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Below are some of the most common fixes but if the problem isn’t listed below just give Peter a call and he can talk it through. And please don’t worry about asking a daft question – PC Fix & Service is here to help you so please don’t think you have to be an expert.

On Location support     

Cost of computer repair: €20 to cover travel costs plus minimum €15 for first 30 minutes, then €20 for every 30 minutes thereafter.
Remote working will resolve most problems, but there are occasions when on location support can be invaluable and provide a much quicker resolution. PC Fix & Service offers a cost effective home / business visit service across the Gers, South West France, charging €20 to cover travel costs plus the standard hourly rate for the fix. 

New Computer Set Up     

Cost: €20 to cover travel costs plus €80 for PC set up and €100 for Mac set up.

Need to buy a new PC or Mac?  Peter is very happy to offer free, independent advice and guidance to help you buy the best computer to meet your needs. He’ll talk through the ideal specification so that you can buy with confidence. And you can be sure of impartial advice because he doesn’t sell computers or work with specific shops so his only thought is to help you find the best solution.


Once you have bought, if the prospect of setting up a new computer is a little daunting, PC Fix & Support can easily take care of everything for you. Generally, it can take two/three hours to set everything up, run the software updates, check anti virus software and check that email & internet is working properly. Set up includes:

  • Un-boxing the PC

  • Setting up/connecting up the PC

  • Doing the initial Boot up and Sign-In

  • Installing the Basic Software (Anti-Virus, Adobe Reader, Java, 7Zip, Firefox and Google Chrome).    


The fee for this is €80 for a PC and €100 for a Mac (Mac updates generally take longer to load, hence price difference).

Computer Virus removal / Anti Virus set up

Cost: €50 (plus travel €20 if appropriate).

If you think that your computer has a virus, close it down now and unplug it from the internet.


Next step is to call Peter and arrange a collection time, as this is a problem that needs to be fixed at his office. It is really important to resolve virus issues as soon as possible to avoid more files becoming infected, so don’t delay. Peter offers a full diagnostic test service and will find the source of the problem, resolve it and then install up to date anti virus software to get you restarted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • All prices stated include all taxes 'ttc'.
  • The travel charge includes the first 200 kilometers of a round trip. If you live further than 100Km away, Peter will confirm the travel charge with you in advance.

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